Connection Analyzer

The Connection Analyzer helps you find actual and potential connections between your own flights and those of your partners.

Connection Time (CT)

The most important factor that determines whether a connection is possible is the Minimum Connection Time (MCT). As of now, this value is only influenced by the respective airport. In future versions, other factors might also have an effect on the MCT, for example the choice of terminals.

Carrier Coding

Every connection - whether possible or not - lists the respective carrier that operates the connecting flight. In front of the name you can find a code containing one or more letters:

If you saw the code [--A] this would mean that the flight is operated by an alliance partners that you do not have an interline agreement with.

Flight Status

Note that it is possible to show connections with flights that are either still locked (and will therefore not be booked into the ORS yet) or have no aircraft assigned yet (by only setting a speed override). This allows planning of your network even if the required aircraft have not been assigned yet. This also works with flights of your alliance partners but not with pure interlining partners.

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