Flight Plan Transfer Tool

Sometimes it can be useful to transfer an aircraft’s flight plan to another aircraft as a whole, for example when you want to replace an aircraft with a newer one or if you need to scale capacity up or down by switching to a larger or smaller aircraft.

Target Aircraft

You can pick any aircraft as target aircraft, even if it is a completely different type. Just be aware that this will most likely cause errors in the resulting flight plan that need to be addressed after the transfer.

Speed Overrides

Manually set speed overrides in the origin flight plan will be maintained. This way, flight durations and slots remain the same even if the optimum cruise speed of the target aircraft is different.

By checking the maintain speed of source aircraft as override option, the optimum cruise speed of the source aircraft will be used as a speed override for every flight that does not have a manual speed override already. Note that the speed override is set, even if the target aircraft is not capable of operating at this speed. In this case, the flights will be saved with a performance error.

Safe transfer

Any flight assignment with errors does not block slots and while the error persists, the slots required for the respective assignment can be used by other companies! If you are not sure whether the flight plan will work with the target aircraft after a transfer and you are afraid of loosing slots due to a temporarily invalid flight plan, check the only transfer without errors option. This way a transfer will only occur when the resulting flight plan is free of errors.

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