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Airport: Los Angeles (LAX)


Current local time 15:18:24 Wednesday 22.05.2024
Time zone UTC - 08:00
Demand calculation 01:49:07 UTC
Region California
Country USA
Continent North America
Runway 3,685 m
Airport size Mega airport
Slots (per 5 minutes) 22
Slot Availability 91%
Min. transfer time 01:30h
Nighttime ban no nighttime ban
Noise restrictions no noise restrictions


2024-05-21 15:16 UTC Ferland Airways has opened a new station at Los Angeles.
2024-05-21 03:39 UTC Tahitian has opened a new station at Los Angeles.
2024-05-20 17:15 UTC Jet-O has opened a new station at Los Angeles.
2024-05-20 15:31 UTC Bear Air, based at Los Angeles, has ceased operations. All shares have been returned or liquidated.
2024-05-20 10:07 UTC AUKE AIRLINES has opened a new station at Los Angeles.
2024-05-20 06:14 UTC Eagles Airway has opened a new station at Los Angeles.
2024-05-18 18:55 UTC Chinese international Airline has opened a new station at Los Angeles.
2024-05-18 07:21 UTC Oriental Asia Airlines has opened a new station at Los Angeles.
2024-05-17 16:24 UTC Bear Air and Ulsan Express have signed a new interlining agreement.
2024-05-17 14:44 UTC Bear Air has opened a new station at Edmonton International.
2024-05-17 11:14 UTC Bear Air has opened a new station at Milan Malpensa.
2024-05-17 09:51 UTC Bear Air has opened a new station at Zurich.
2024-05-17 08:46 UTC Air Changan has opened a new station at Los Angeles.
2024-05-17 00:47 UTC Sparks Fly has opened a new station at Los Angeles.
2024-05-16 15:09 UTC Bear Air has opened a new station at Birmingham, AL, US.

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Enterprise IL Weekly departures Flight schedule
123 Global Cargo 14 Departures
Aer Tipp 14 Departures
Air Aurora 21 Departures
Air Changan 2 Departures
Air Cleveland 21 Departures
Air Hawaii 28 Departures
Air New York 39 Departures
AIR TIANJIN 0 Departures
Airline of America 76 Departures
AirPaladin 56 Departures
AirViva 10 Departures
Alpine Air Lines 14 Departures
Andes Airlines 0 Departures
ANZA 0 Departures
Argos Air Connection 14 Departures
Atlantair 14 Departures
Austin air Inc. 14 Departures
Baerly Airlines 17 Departures
Blue Ridge Airways 7 Departures
Borealis Air 22 Departures
British Club 2 Departures
British Skies 7 Departures
Business World 7 Departures
BWIexpress 171 Departures
CAC 14 Departures
Canton Pacific 0 Departures
Capricornus Airlines 0 Departures
Central Shuttle Lines 70 Departures
CheeseBlue 0 Departures
China Southern Air 3 Departures
Chinese international Airline 0 Departures
CNV AIRWAYS 65 Departures
Crane Airlines 1 Departures
Discover the world 98 Departures
DiversityJet 77 Departures
Dragon Flight Airline 21 Departures
Eagles Airway 2 Departures
East to West 14 Departures
Emir Air 3 Departures
Erickson Air 34 Departures
Fabline 6 Departures
Ferland Airways 4 Departures
Florida Express 0 Departures
Fly US 123 Departures
FlyBlue Airlines 3 Departures
FlyUp Airlines 1 Departures
Freight around the World 0 Departures
G-Aero ME 0 Departures
Gateway Air 21 Departures
Genair 1 Departures
Globe Star 34 Departures
Golden Gates Airways 35 Departures
Hawaii Pacific Airlines 14 Departures
Heritage America Airlines 7 Departures
Heritage Australia Airlines 3 Departures
Icelandic Breeze 7 Departures
Jet-O 0 Departures
JetAway Panama 14 Departures
jetSpeed 76 Departures
Jetstream 16 Departures
Kanto Airlines 7 Departures
Kl Air 7 Departures
LackyAIR 14 Departures
Lat Airlines 7 Departures
Liberty Air Taxi 7 Departures
Liberty Wings 70 Departures
LunarHawk Airlines 7 Departures
Mexicair 35 Departures
Midwest Aero 7 Departures
Montson Airlines 0 Departures
New Zair 0 Departures
Northern Cargo Air 7 Departures
Oriental Asia Airlines 0 Departures
Oz Easy 3 Departures
Pacifica Aviation 21 Departures
Pechy Air China 7 Departures
Pirates Air 0 Departures
PNW Airlines 43 Departures
QuickFly 22 Departures
Quicksilver 14 Departures
R1 American 21 Departures
Rosen Air 7 Departures
Royal Air Sverige 2 Departures
Score Airways 14 Departures
Seal Air 14 Departures
Shanghai Express 7 Departures
SHAZ AIR 2 Departures
SIBA 7 Departures
Sky America 14 Departures
SkyBright 21 Departures
SkyCanada Airways 14 Departures
SkyDubai 7 Departures
SkyHeroes International 7 Departures
Skylux 0 Departures
SkyVision 10 Departures
Southern Air Service 7 Departures
Sparks Fly 3 Departures
Sprint Airlines 0 Departures
Steam Pacific 3 Departures
Tai-Pan Airways 21 Departures
Texas Air International 35 Departures
THOTO International 21 Departures
TransTropical Air Lines 7 Departures
Ulsan Express 14 Departures
US American Airways 14 Departures
USAmerican 0 Departures
VELAM Hungarian Airlines 2 Departures
Viva America 56 Departures
Vola Italia 2 Departures
Wester 7 Departures
WESTERN CARGO 14 Departures
Winds Brazil 3 Departures
Woutopia Airways 21 Departures
Xross Pacific 9 Departures
Zia Air 4 Departures